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Albrighton Community Fridge

Albrighton Community Fridge

South East

The Albrighton Community Fridge on the East Dulwich Estate in SE London provides food and other essentials to more than 1,300 people each week.

The Albrighton Community Fridge was set up by the Albrighton Community Centre in 2018 to reduce food waste among local food retailers and support the surrounding community by providing small food items at no charge. It is a part of the Hubbub Community Fridge Network. In March 2020, the centre became a Covid-Food Hub and the Community Fridge ramped up with more volunteers, longer opening hours, and a much wider range of goods. Today the fridge provides food and other essentials to an average of 360 households per week — that’s a total of over 900 adults and more than 400 children. The fridge offers fresh fruit and vegetables, hot meals, frozen meat, bread, tinned goods and a limited selection of toiletries and sanitary products.

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Albrighton Community Fridge

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