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Aldridge Parish Church

Aldridge Parish Church

West Midlands

Aldridge Parish Church. Grow in faith through Living, Loving, and Learning

Aldridge Parish Church has been a Christian centre of worship for more than 750 years and here today, our congregation is full of people who have come to know Jesus in their own, personal way. Our worship is lively and relevant with a distinct bible focus, and our teaching aims to deal with the real issues we all face daily in life. As an all age church, we value anyone and everyone from the very youngest to the very eldest. We are so much more than just a Sunday church and have loads of activities, events and groups happening day in day out - there’s something for everyone, you included! Whoever you are, wherever you come from, and whatever your story is, you’ll find a very warm welcome here at Aldridge Parish Church. We hope that as you get stuck in to church life and finding God’s mission for you, you’ll grow in your relationship with him in ways you never imagined were possible. Please do come and say hello; we can’t wait to welcome you into our family and see you grow in Gods mission for you.

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Aldridge Parish Church

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