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All Saints Walsoken

All Saints Walsoken


All Saints is working parish church serving the community of Walsoken. It is a grade 1 listed building where worship has been conducted for 850 years.

Our worship services are intended to honour God but also to encourage and equip His people and help them deepen their faith and understanding and be better equipped to face the many challenges that life brings. On a Sunday we offer a variety of different styles of worship, from the more traditional services such as Holy Communion, to informal family friendly worship with a strong visual element. During the week we provide a fortnightly drop-in Coffee Morning and a Tuesday evening Bible Study. We also work closely with our local Primary School. All Saints is here to serve the whole parish, and offer help and support to all at the key stages in life, from baptism, through marriage to the final farewell. We are here for everyone.
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All Saints Walsoken

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