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Aspire NI

Aspire NI

Northern Ireland

Aspire NI exists to work with children in Northern Ireland in poverty to help close the educational attainment gap that exists between rich and poor.

Aspire work with volunteers to provide free educational support to low income young people. Our services include: ASPIRE SESSIONS Aspire Sessions offers a place for young people to work in a supervised and supportive environment after school. We provide facilitators who encourage the young people and provide them with support. For young people who take part in our after-school sessions who are struggling with any subjects, Aspire will endeavour to link this young person to a suitable tutor from our bank of volunteers who is qualified in this subject and provide a period of free tuition. ASPIRE ACADEMY To contribute to education outside of the classroom, we run an Aspire Academy which allows our young people to learn new skills in areas such as youth work, business, art and music. These sessions are facilitated by professionals in each area. This allows our young people to engage in additional skills that often their financial situation hinders them from. ASPIRE CAMP Every year we run a camp which allows pupils on our programme from different schools to come together and explore different cultures, traditions and identity. As we work with children from different sides of the community, this promotes inclusion and diversity amongst our young people
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Aspire NI

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