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Ayot St Lawrence Church

Ayot St Lawrence Church


Thank you for visiting us here at Donate. We are Ayot St Lawrence Church, a small Anglican church near St Albans that hosts cultural events.

We were built in 1778 from the architectural design of Nicholas Revett, who had visited many ancient Greek buildings. We are Grade 1-listed for our Greek Revival style, but in truth, we are a mongrel, with our interior owing more to Roman influence, like our lovely ceiling looking quite similar to the Pantheon's. We work hard at maintaining and enhancing our building and grounds, set in the midst of fields. We are usually open for quiet reflection and provide a haven for people and wildlife. Our events help us to do all of this: as a tiny village of some 200 people we rely on external funds from the public: we receive no church or state money.

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Ayot St Lawrence Church

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