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Barbers Against Prostate Cancer CIC

Barbers Against Prostate Cancer CIC

South West

Prostate cancer: silent killer. 10,000 UK men face late diagnosis yearly. Twelve thousand lives are lost annually.

At Barbers Against Prostate Cancer, we're not just educators but action-takers. We are barbers with the knowledge to inform clients, especially those 45+. Our Pop-up Barbershops provide free haircuts to this demographic and prostate cancer patients. Early detection is our focus. With 12,000 lives lost yearly to prostate cancer, we aim to raise awareness and spark action. We ensure every salon is an information hub, seamlessly integrating discussions into routine sessions. This empowers individuals to recognize symptoms, assess risk, and take charge early. Let's confront prostate cancer, one haircut at a time.

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Barbers Against Prostate Cancer CIC

BARBERS Barbers Pop- UP Shop

Barbers Pop- UP Shop

"Support 'Cutting the Odds' - Barbers unite against Prostate Cancer to raise awareness with their skills. Join us in this crucial fight!"... Read more