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Barking Churches Unite

Barking Churches Unite


Barking Churches Unite (BCU) is a charity that prays and works together for the prevention & relief of poverty in Barking.

The organisation operates through 'The Source' which has two sites, a shop unit located in Vicarage Field Shopping Centre, Barking and The Barking Learning Centre. Our offer is focused on providing services to individuals free of charge. The Source helps and supports adults of all ages such as those with a disability , homeless, unemployed, emotional struggles and financial difficulties. The Source has created a range of unique and bespoke services including: • Pit Stop- a free meal for those people who are homeless or in need, running 5 days a week every afternoon • Mail address service to the homeless and rough sleepers • Key working services to the homeless • Clothes Bank with free toiletries • -Medical help such as flu jabs, GP advice service, Dental checks and drug and alcohol services • -Provision of telephone advocacy -Providing a listening ear over free refreshments • Well-being groups for mental ill-health, bereavement and loneliness • Job club and other activities to support people into employment • Furniture and clothing
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Barking Churches Unite

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