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Bilton Silver (Rugby) Band

Bilton Silver (Rugby) Band

West Midlands

Founded in 1893, Bilton Silver (Rugby) Band is a traditional contesting brass band, encompassing a family of bands for all ages and abilities.

The senior band performs at many events, from charity events, to fetes, town and village parades, concerts & weddings. Bilton Silver Evolution Band, formed in 2017, is another contesting band, with members of all ages. We are proud to have some of the youngest players in the competitions we play in. Training Band welcomes players of all ages and skills, with currently over 50 playing members, our youngest being 6. Everyone just gives it a go, and with a no-fear mentality, and quality performance opportunities, we aim to inspire the next generation of young musicians. Mini-Brass rehearsals, for our youngest players, are lively, friendly and inspiring. Membership is free, and instruments are provided, making us as inclusive as possible.
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Bilton Silver (Rugby) Band

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