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Birth Trauma Association

Birth Trauma Association

East Midlands

We support women who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after a difficult birth.

We're a small national charity who offer support to women who have had a traumatic birth and are experience symptoms such as flashbacks, anxiety and feeling extra alert to danger or risk. Postnatal PTSD is a very distressing condition, but women experiencing it often struggle to find support elsewhere, so we offer peer support over email and through an 8,000-strong Facebook group. We also campaign to improve care for women in labour and work with other organisations to change policy. Demand for our services has increased dramatically in recent years, and without a secure funding stream, it can be hard to meet the need. We are hoping, however, to extend the support we offer to live chat and eventually to face-to-face groups.
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Birth Trauma Association

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Face up to trauma - help women gain support for postnatal PTSD

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