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Action for Race Equality is a national charity working to remove barriers facing young black, Asian and mixed heritage people.

For 30 years, since our origins as Black Training and Enterprise Group, we have championed fairness, challenged discrimination and pioneered innovative solutions to empower young people through educationemployment and enterprise.

Our mission is to end racial inequality. We believe that the contribution of all communities makes a nation, builds dynamic local communities, generates wealth and improves well-being.

By supporting us you can help secure our capacity to action research that improves policy and practise on a national level, and the continued running of our innovative projects and partnerships with young people including:

Routes2Success: A London community role model programme that uses a volunteer force of successful men and women from African, Caribbean, Asian, Arabic and mixed backgrounds to inspire young black males and ethnic minority girls and young women 11-25 years to succeed in education, employment and enterprise.

Moving On Up: An initiative aimed at increasing the employment rates of young black men in London, aged 16-24, by funding projects that will help job-ready young black men into work and by supporting the London Advisory Group for Moving on Up.

EQUAL: An Independent National advisory board set up to address racial inequality in the UK's Criminal Justice System.

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