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Boccia England

Boccia England

East Midlands

Boccia England – changing the lives of disabled children and adults through the sport of boccia!

Boccia England improves the physical and emotional wellbeing of disabled children, young people, and adults through the sport of boccia. Our vision is “Changing lives through boccia” – for many severely disabled people, boccia is the only sport they can play. By creating opportunities to play boccia at all levels we provide disabled people with activities that improve their resilience, self-belief, communication skills, physical and social skills and help them feel more integrated into their local communities. We develop and support boccia clubs across England; work with partners to reach inactive segments of society; engage disabled children through working with schools; organise competitions; and identify and develop talented athletes.
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Boccia England

BOCCIA The Big Bocciathon

The Big Bocciathon

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