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Brize Norton School Association

Brize Norton School Association


The Brize Norton Primary School Association has two purposes: to raise money for the school and to have fun!

The Brize Norton School Association is a voluntary organisation and registered charity, we are run by a core of dedicated volunteers raising funds for our little village school. We spend lots of time and energy ensuring the children at our school have extra equipment, trips and we also provide supplies for Forest School - items that wouldn’t otherwise be available in the current financial climate and under tight budget restrictions. We organise community events and fun activities for the children in our school and their families. 2020 has been a challenging year for fundraising. With a new school classroom on the horizon our efforts are more important than ever.

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Brize Norton School Association

BRIZESD Mrs Hunter is jumping out of a plane for BNSA

Mrs Hunter is jumping out of a plane for BNSA

Mrs Hunter is jumping out of a plane! Fundraising skydive... Read more