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Buckinghamshire County Museum Trust

Buckinghamshire County Museum Trust

South East

Buckinghamshire County Museum has been caring for and interpreting the county's human and natural history for over 150 years.

The County Museum was founded by the Bucks Archaeological Society in the mid 19thc and was operated by the County Council from 1957. In 2014 we started a new charitable existence as the Bucks County Museum Trust which receives regular revenue support from the County Council and Milton Keynes City Council and is governed by an independent Board of Trustees. From its base in Church Street, Aylesbury the Trust seeks to distribute exhibitions , talks and activities across the County and is always interested in building new relations with Bucks partners. The Museum Resource Centre at Halton near Wendover is open by appointment and is the main collections store and HQ for the Museums Curatorial and technical staff.

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Buckinghamshire County Museum Trust

BCMT001 Save the Lenborough Hoard - Bucks County Museum

Save the Lenborough Hoard - Bucks County Museum

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