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Care Network Cambridgeshire

Care Network Cambridgeshire


Helping people to stay healthy, independent and in touch with their community.

Care Network Cambridgeshire connects people and communities so they can live happy, independent lives.

For us, independence means being able to manage your health, live well in your own home and do the things you enjoy, with company you enjoy. Some people need extra support to be independent, and to make choices about the things that matter to them. This can be because things have changed for them after illness, accident or bereavement, or as they have gotten older. Some people are so overwhelmed and isolated that they need help to break down what they need into manageable steps, and encouragement to accept support or go to new places.

Every donation you make can change a life

Your donation will enable us to reach more people across Cambridgeshire, reducing loneliness and isolation, and helping people live independently and with dignity. With your help we can continue to:

- Make sure people don’t come home from hospital to cold, lonely houses and empty cupboards.

- Help older people stay in their own home for longer, with the right support.

- Provide companionship to people who are lonely and isolated, who might otherwise not talk to someone for days, or weeks.

- Support local people to make their communities great places to live.

For more information on the difference your donation makes please visit www.care-network.org.uk, or find us on Facebook @CareNetworkCambridgeshire

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