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Cartwheel Arts

Cartwheel Arts

North West

Cartwheel Arts is charity based in Heywood funded in 1984 fostering Art for a Reason

Cartwheel Arts promotes social inclusion, cohesion, diversity and regeneration through community participation in vibrant, innovative, high-quality arts projects. We use a wide range of media to initiate, and respond to, project opportunities in Rochdale and surrounding areas, as well as promoting the development of the arts and examples of good practice across the North West.

Cartwheel has 30 years experience of promoting imaginative, and often challenging arts projects - we do not shy from confronting difficult or sensitive issues.  Our focus is on participation, enabling people who may have had little experience of the arts to explore and develop their creativity and talents, generating a sense of ownership and pride.

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Cartwheel Arts

CART004 Donate to create social wellbeing for people and Communities

Donate to create social wellbeing for people and Communities

We NEED your HELP to help people and communities improve their wellbeing through participation in art and creative programmes and activities.... Read more