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CASPA (Children On The Autistic Spectrum Parents Association)

CASPA (Children On The Autistic Spectrum Parents Association)


Children on the Autistic Spectrum Parents Association. A charity working with children, young people & families affected by autism.

CASPA started in 2004 by parents who saw no provision for their autistic children in the Borough of Bromley providing opportunities for them to socialise, recognise their strengths and develop self-worth. In 2005 CASPA became a charity and has grown to serve over 500 families a month; with a team of 40+ staff and volunteers. CASPA addresses inequalities faced by autistic people by reducing social isolation and enabling increased independence. CASPA runs social clubs, trips, holiday camps and residentials for all ages. CASPA have a community café which serves amazing food, brings people together and enables adult members to work. One of their most innovative projects is CASPA Connects, a social brokerage programme for autistic people on Discord. CASPA is a movement, simultaneously supporting and amplifying the voice of autistic people and educating and promoting Autism acceptance across society
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CASPA (Children On The Autistic Spectrum Parents Association)

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