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Central Church

Central Church


Central is a church in the heart of Edinburgh with a vision to love the city, be family together and follow Jesus.

Edinburgh is our home and we want to love and serve the people that live in this city. We believe that God’s love can transform lives and communities, and we want to see that happening in the places that we live. We are family together – we are different kinds of people from different places who share our lives generously with each other. We are following Jesus. We call ourselves disciples because the most important thing in our lives is to learn how to do what Jesus said to do. We connect together across the city through 'Communities', and gather together to worship in different ways, on-line and in-person using our Edinburgh City Centre venue Central Hall in Tollcross where needed. One of the ways we love our city is through our 'Transformation Project'. This is a collective of initiatives, some in partnership with other organisations, seeking to care for those in our city who are in need – those in poverty, suffering from the effects of mental health, vulnerable and lonely. Every year we run a campaign called ‘Just Christmas’, which is a chance for us to invite the church to give away at Christmas as an extravagant offering over and above what we usually give away as a church.
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Central Church

J2C2020 Just Christmas 2020 & Gorgie City Farm

Just Christmas 2020 & Gorgie City Farm

As part of Central Church's Journey to Christmas event at Gorgie City Farm in Edinburgh, we are raising money for Central's Just Christmas campaign an... Read more

PP2020 Just Christmas 2020 / Project Pants

Just Christmas 2020 / Project Pants

Project Pants is part of the Central Church Just Christmas Campaign 2020. As part of this we are aiming to donate 82,100 new items of underwear to tho... Read more

JC2020 Just Christmas 2020 / The 20k Giveaway

Just Christmas 2020 / The 20k Giveaway

It is estimated that by Spring 2021, 82,100 people in Edinburgh will be living below in poverty. This Christmas, we want to give £20k to support thos... Read more