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Certain Curtain Theatre Company

Certain Curtain Theatre Company

North West

Passionately creating and performing original dynamic dramas exploring domestic abuse and it's impact on women and children

A professional touring company whose ground breaking work has been acclaimed by audiences across the country. Producing exciting, innovative theatre, challenging pre-conceived ideas with dynamic originality… from the page to the stage. Its aim is to provide high-quality, thought-provoking, original theatre for everyone.

Since 1989, the company has written and produced plays with themes as diverse as Football, Teenage pregnancy, The Holocaust, Gun-crime, Social History, Diabetes, Accident prevention, Reminiscence, Domestic Violence and much more. The company has performed its work in 800-seat theatres, studio theatres, schools, colleges, hospitals, community centres, old peoples homes, a police station and even a corridor! Certain Curtain Theatre have been at the forefront of the use of theatre in domestic abuse awareness since 1995.

We operate without any revenue funding whatsoever so your support will ensure our survival, Thank you! 

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Certain Curtain Theatre Company

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Mockingbird High domestic violence drama

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