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Changing Futures North East

Changing Futures North East

North East

We believe relationships matter! Enabling people to unlock their potential, achieve positive changes to strengthen relationships & communities.

Changing Futures North East believes in the importance and value of healthy relationships: •between individuals •within families •in communities We believe relationships really do matter! We provide support to children and families mainly across Hartlepool, Middleborough, Stockton, Middlesbrough and East Durham. This includes: •access to FREE legally aided Mediation and heavily discounted private mediation. •Mentoring •Helping children in care •Supporting children’s education •Headland children and youth clubs In healthy relationships, we can experience endless joy but at their worst our relationships can bring us great hurt. We work with individuals, families and communities to ensure that the North East has the healthiest relationships in the country. All of our work is focused on helping people build relationships in some way, from making new friends to reducing conflict.
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Changing Futures North East

WJTS001 Changing Futures North East Christmas Jumper Day

Changing Futures North East Christmas Jumper Day

Friday 9th December is Christmas Jumper Day! Get in the festive spirit & make a difference to the lives of children & families for only £1!... Read more