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Christian Community Action Ministeries

Christian Community Action Ministeries


CCA is a small local organisation based in Reading that provides support and employment and education opportunities for local people.

The organisation provides for those in need through recycling donations of furniture, clothing, household goods and bric-a-brac. In doing so we are also helping to protect the environment and reduce the needless dumping of good quality furniture. The Warehouse Team collect good quality pre-loved furniture, and working with our Support Centres redistribute it for a nominal fee to people in need or difficult circumstances. In addition we support those with social, mental health, addiction or other issues who are looking to get back into paid employment. This is done through work placements at our Charity Shops and Furniture Shop. We take referrals from Yeldall Manor (a drug and rehabilitation unit) and Launchpad (a local organisation working with the homeless), as well as Learndirect, Pinnacle and JobCentrePlus. In 2015, we helped over 4,500 people in need of essential furniture items, emergency kitchen and bedding packs, food supplies; signposting and referrals to other specialist services for debt and benefit advice. At present we have five charity shops, and a furniture shop which help to finance our services.

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Christian Community Action Ministeries

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