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Colwall PCC

Colwall PCC

West Midlands

St James, Colwall’s medieval parish church, provides a valued ministry of worship and care for all, and a wildlife friendly community churchyard.

St James provides weekly worship, baptisms, weddings and funerals, a community care scheme, regular lunches for the elderly and lonely, and other pastoral services, together with a range of social events. We want to provide a wider range of care and support for local people. We run a regular dementia café, and hope to re-start Messy Church for the young people in the future. Our vision is for the church and churchyard to be places for the community for a range of activities. The churchyard is a place for peace and reflection, and is a haven for wildlife. This is a valuable resource for health and wellbeing. As our church building lacks a modern basic kitchen and toilet, comfortable seating and lighting, we have started planning to put these facilities into the West end of the church. By supporting us you will help us extend our support, help other people in need and grow our community.

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Colwall PCC

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St James Colwall development

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Support and pastoral care for the community

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