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Community Foundation Wales

Community Foundation Wales


Community Foundation Wales changes lives by working together with our donors and community groups across Wales.

Community Foundation Wales inspires people to give, helps Welsh communities to thrive and changes lives together.

Working with our generous supporters and partners, we find and fund local projects that help strengthen communities across Wales.

Established in 1999, Community Foundation Wales now awards grants of over £2 million each year to charities and community groups.

There are over 30,000 community groups and charities in Wales working to improve and develop their communities, using their initiative to meet local needs.

These groups and charities understand the challenges faced by people in their community and know how best to tackle these barriers. This vital work is often carried out on a shoestring budget or voluntary basis so we focus on finding these fantastic projects and organisations, understanding what they are trying to accomplish and supporting them to do so.

We can only do this through working together with our generous donors and community groups who can create change. Join us in building a stronger Wales!

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Community Foundation Wales

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