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Compassion Direct UK

Compassion Direct UK


We are all volunteers working directly with children & communities in shanty towns & rural mountain schools providing self help, sustainable solutions & support.

CDUK is a registered international charity number 1113505, based in Dolgellau, North Wales, working directly with children, families & communities in shantytowns, rural mountain schools & refugee camps. We have provided wells, fruit trees, a woman & child development centre, school buildings, vegetable gardens, wind turbines, educational materials, rainwater harvesting tanks, industrial sewing machines & workshops, latrine doors, libraries, hand-knitted clothing & send aid to refugees. We encourage self-help projects, environmental awareness, good practice & sustainability in the UK & abroad via our fundraising & projects. We are all volunteers & our work is entirely dependent upon your voluntary contributions. Why not join us or go to our donations page & make a regular donation? We can do nothing without your support.
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Compassion Direct UK

CDUK CDUK General SMS Donation

CDUK General SMS Donation

CDUK General SMS Donation... Read more

GOATS Give a Goat to the village where CDUK support a primary school

Give a Goat to the village where CDUK support a primary school

Buy goats for a remote mountain village in Ashanti giving milk to early years malnourished children so that they are able to go on to learn at school... Read more