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CPRE Northumberland

CPRE Northumberland

North East

CPRE Northumberland fights for a better future for our countryside. We work locally to protect, shape and enhance a beautiful, thriving countryside for everyone to value and enjoy.

CPRE Northumberland is part of a national charity, CPRE The Countryside Charity, which has more than 200 local groups, a branch in each county and 60,000 members and supporters.

Run by a dedicated team of volunteers, the branch monitors and responds to planning applications for proposed developments which may affect our countryside and makes comments on local planning issues such as rural housing and transport.

We also try to raise awareness about countryside issues among local people. We have an events programme ranging from local litter picks to guided walks in the National Park, talks and quizzes which are open to members and non-members alike.

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CPRE Northumberland

RURAL Saving green spaces in Northumberland

Saving green spaces in Northumberland

CPRE Northumberland helps you to protect the open spaces near you both in urban and rural areas... Read more

BOOTS3 Protecting our unique Northumberland countryside

Protecting our unique Northumberland countryside

CPRE Northumberland helps to protect our countryside and encourage people to enjoy it... Read more

BOOTS1 Maxwell Ayamba online talk - countryside access

Maxwell Ayamba online talk - countryside access

Maxwell Ayamba gives a talk for CPRE Northumberland about making the countryside more welcoming to all... Read more

QUIZ001 Northumberland quiz for CPRE

Northumberland quiz for CPRE

A ready made quiz on local countryside is offered to organisations and community groups throughout the county with proceeds to CPRE Northumberland, ... Read more