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Crawley CAP Centre

Crawley CAP Centre

South East

Our mission is to release families in the Crawley area from poverty and financial pressures through cost free debt counselling.

Sadly, debt is a substantial and growing problem in the community we serve: it cripples people’s lives and many feel hopeless about their circumstances. Our debt coaches – who are trained and advised by the national Christians Against Poverty charity - meet face-to-face with potential clients, build a deep understanding of their financial situation, and gather information which is passed to CAP’s debt management specialists. Our debt coaches then discuss with our clients the budgets and recommendations from those specialists. We walk with our clients to support them as they choose the way forward and pursue a route out of debt. We also offer other forms of support, such as CAP’s Money Coaching workshops.

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Crawley CAP Centre

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Crawley CAP centre Support

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