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Daisy Programme

Daisy Programme


The Daisy Programme helps people harmed by domestic and sexual abuse to rebuild their lives.

We provide support for people in Breckland, Norfolk that enables them to recover and live positive, healthy, and productive lives. We address the long-term consequences of abuse which can impact on mental, emotional, and physical health for years. Through our amazing supportive community, we help people and their families to recover and connect with others who have had similar experiences. We provide group programmes, counselling, support networks and social activities, art, yoga, lunch and book clubs, and our inspiring Choir of Hope. Many of our activities are delivered by our ex-clients who volunteer to support us because they know first-hand the difference we make. Your support will enable people to be safe, find strength and shine.

“Daisy has saved me in more ways than I can say. I don’t know where I’d be without the help, support, laughter, guidance and acceptance Daisy has given me. All the lovely people I’ve met on the way has helped to know that I’m not alone and we go through this journey together.” 

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Daisy Programme

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