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Dance Manchester

Dance Manchester

North West

Dance Manchester, provides a whole range of opportunities for dance, specialising in sited and outdoor contemporary dance in Greater Manchester.

We are a charity working to increase access to high quality dance activity, to under-represented communities. We run creative projects throughout the region, also offering advice & information. We want to break boundaries & offer new experiences both to artists & audiences. Dance Manchester’s work ranges from a number of exciting community projects in the Greater Manchester districts; such as ‘Stride’, our boys and young men’s project, & ‘Signatures’ our young people’s showcase in partnership with the Lowry, to the free international festival, ‘Urban Moves’, & lots in between! Working closely with dance artists & companies, arts organisations, community groups, venues, local authorities & funders, we aim to continue to increase opportunities for dance in our area, & to help put the region firmly on the dance map!

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Dance Manchester

DMAN004 Dance Manchester & Emmeline's Pantry

Dance Manchester & Emmeline's Pantry

A flash mob for Manchester International Women's Day. Presented by Dance Manchester, performed at Manchester Art Gallery... Read more

DMAN003 Donate to Dance Manchester

Donate to Dance Manchester

Donate to Dance Manchester & support all the work we do, year round. From community projects to artist support.... Read more



STRIDE is our annual young men’s dance project. Open to boys aged 10-20 from the Greater Manchester area; aimed at introducing them to dance.... Read more

DMAN001 Urban Moves

Urban Moves

If you enjoyed Urban Moves, please donate what you think a ticket was worth and help us provide more events like this! ... Read more