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Dogs On The Streets

Dogs On The Streets


DOGS ON THE STREETS provides support to Rough Sleeping, Homeless, Domestic Violence, Mental Health & Addiction community with dogs.

DOTS is a registered charity and RCVS vet practice op providing free accessible vet care to our vulnerable community as well as representation and support with various pathway services. We operate street ran stations with our mobile vet surgery and volunteer veterinary team and front liners and also have a 4 acre foster sanctuary to care for the dogs of owners who may need some support before being reunited back with their dogs.
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Dogs On The Streets


Vet Care

Funds for the free accessible vet care we provide... Read more

FOSTER Funds For Our Foster Sanctuary

Funds For Our Foster Sanctuary

Raising vital funds for the foster sanctuary. Care and support of the dogs and renovations... Read more

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Your first campaign

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