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Donmar Warehouse

Donmar Warehouse


Important Stories, Thrillingly Told, Widely Shared

The Donmar Warehouse is a 251-seat, not-for-profit theatre in Covent Garden, led by Artistic Director Michael Longhurst and Executive Director Henny Finch. We have won more than 100 awards in our 27-year history. We bring together a wide variety of people at our intimate warehouse space and elsewhere to create, witness and participate in thrilling, world-class theatre. Through our work on and offstage, we aim to create a more cohesive, functional and creative society by broadening horizons, inspiring empathy and offering outstanding entertainment. We develop new artists and future audiences through our renowned training programmes and our Discover activity with schools and communities. We believe that representation matters; diversity of identity, of perspective, of lived experience enriches our work and our lives. Welcome to important stories, thrillingly told, widely shared.

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Donmar Warehouse

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