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Dorset Blind Association

Dorset Blind Association

South West

Dorset Blind Association provide practical help and emotional support to enable people with sight loss to stay healthy and happy. 

Caring for people since 1918, we now help over 1,000 people every month, county-wide, powered by over 300 trusted volunteers. Over 30,000 people are living with sight loss in Dorset, and this number is growing while council support and benefits have been cut. We believe sight loss shouldn’t mean missing out, so please help us to relieve loneliness and isolation for more people. 

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Dorset Blind Association

BLIND Dorset Blind Association Motor Show 2022

Dorset Blind Association Motor Show 2022

Dorset Blind Association's 6th annual Motor Show returns to Lulworth Castle, raising awareness and funds for blind and partially sighted people in Dor... Read more