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Dudley & West Midlands Zoological Society Ltd

Dudley & West Midlands Zoological Society Ltd

West Midlands

Dudley Zoo and Castle is passionate about the conservation of both wildlife and heritage, preserving endangered species and our history.

We’re a unique attraction in the industrial heart of the UK we house over 200 species of wildlife, who live around an 11th century castle and 12 Grade II listed Tecton buildings. Our Charity, as well as caring for and breeding captive species, endeavours to inspire and educate visitors of all ages and help preserve wildlife for generations to come by working with global partners to conserve species out in the wild through many different projects. We’ve a great history too, with the 11th century Dudley Castle situated at the heart of our 40-acre site, enabling us to share the stories of our past and voice our hopes for the future.
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Dudley & West Midlands Zoological Society Ltd

DZC34 DZC Conservation Fund

DZC Conservation Fund

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DZC37 Orangutan Anniversary Appeal

Orangutan Anniversary Appeal

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DZC19 COVID-19 Virus Animal Care Fund

COVID-19 Virus Animal Care Fund

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