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Dumfries and Galloway Blood Bikes

Dumfries and Galloway Blood Bikes


DGBB is a charitable organisation which delivers essential blood samples and medical supplies between hospitals throughout Dumfries & Galloway.

Dumfries & Galloway Blood Bikes is a charitable organization set up by local volunteers to deliver essential blood and urgent medical supplies, out of hours, between hospitals and healthcare sites in South West Scotland and sometimes beyond. Outside normal office hours, the NHS relies on taxis or couriers to transfer urgent medical supplies or test samples between hospitals and other sites. Dumfries & Galloway Blood Bikes is dependent purely on charitable donations, and run entirely by volunteers who receive no compensation for their time or costs. The Blood Bike service is provided free of charge, ensuring the limited resources of the NHS can be used where it makes a difference.
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Dumfries and Galloway Blood Bikes

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