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ECM Britain

ECM Britain

East Midlands

At European Christian Mission Britain, we want to see a Europe that's FULL of churches, that are FULL of people, that are FULL of Jesus!

Here at ECM Britain, we work with over 30 missionaries and mission partners across Europe bringing the good news of Jesus to a rapidly-changing continent. Church planting and discipleship are at the heart of what we do and we want to mobilise support for this often neglected and challenging mission field. With many European nations facing massive church decline in an increasingly secular society, we have dedicated workers who are passionate about sharing God's love to re-ignite Europe's faith. With our drive to see more people reaching UP to receive Jesus's amazing love - more people reaching OUT to share Jesus's love with those in need - more people living IN caring communities that show Jesus' love and more organisations working TOGETHER to love Europe for Jesus - we are seeing change. Please will you join us in reaching out with God's love to a Europe that needs it?
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ECM Britain

JESUS Europe FULL of churches, FULL of people, FULL of Jesus!

Europe FULL of churches, FULL of people, FULL of Jesus!

We want to see a Europe that's FULL of churches that are FULL of people who are FULL of Jesus. It's a needy mission field ready to be re-ignited!... Read more