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Edinburgh International Festival

Edinburgh International Festival


The original festival. We’re the one that started it all, the igniting spark which established Edinburgh as the world’s Festival City.

We welcome the world to Edinburgh to experience our hand-picked programme of the finest performers in dance, opera, music and theatre. Through their artistry we create space for reflection and reconciliation, debate and celebration, bringing people of different cultures and viewpoints together. Shining far beyond what you see on stage, we aim to be a beacon for the enormous creativity, curiosity and potential held within individuals, communities and our nation. We offer year-round pathways for people of all ages and backgrounds to discover and participate in live performance, and to help shape the future of our Festival. By nurturing the next generation of artists – from inspiring primary schoolchildren to mentoring rising stars – we want this legacy to be felt for years to come. Our vision is simple: to provide the deepest experience of the highest quality art for the broadest possible audience.

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Edinburgh International Festival

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