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Edinburgh Printmakers Ltd

Edinburgh Printmakers Ltd


Edinburgh Printmakers is a leading visual arts organisation and registered charity established in 1967 as a specialist centre for fine art printmaking

Edinburgh Printmakers is a place for people to see, learn, make, talk about and explore art.

For 50 years Edinburgh Printmakers has inspired and enabled people to engage with fine art printmaking by providing support and facilities through its open access workshop, running year-round exhibitions and events and by offering learning opportunities for all.

At Edinburgh Printmakers’ heart is a community of artists, art lovers, educators and facilitators sharing knowledge, skills, creativity and a passion for printmaking. This unique and stimulating environment makes our organisation special and drives demand for all we do.

Over 23,000 people visited, learned and created at Edinburgh Printmakers last year, making it one of Scotland’s leading visual arts charities.

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Edinburgh Printmakers Ltd

CMWS001 Save a historic building, support Edinburgh’s creative community

Save a historic building, support Edinburgh’s creative community

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