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Electrical Industries Charity

Electrical Industries Charity


The Electrical Industries Charity is an industry charity for industry people

The EIC has been in existence for over 100 years and we support anyone who works in the electrical or energy industry. Not only do we support you but also your immediate family within your household. We offer free & confidential support services and this could be something as simple as needing support with CV writing, financial distress, relationship breakdown support, legal advice or really complex mental health cases, to name a few. Last year the charity had over 35,000 interventions of which 2,491 were at crisis point. One of our key values is around prevention and helping people before they get to crisis point and making sure people have their self-awareness about their wellbeing and mental health. We do this through training and education, we do lots of mental health training; Mental Health First Aider course, mental health awareness, stress training, bereavement training and many more. We also offer monthly Wellbeing Talk that cover a variety of topics such as anxiety, resilience, building a winning team.

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Electrical Industries Charity

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