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Eric Liddell Centre

Eric Liddell Centre


The Eric Liddell Centre is a local care charity and community hub founded in 1980 in memory of the gold medallist, Eric Liddell.

Our mission is to be at the heart of the community. The Eric Liddell Centre is central to our community and we aim to enhance health, wellbeing and improve people’s lives. Our caring services support communities across Edinburgh, including people living with dementia, their families, unpaid carers and the wider community. We offer a Dementia Day Care service, Carer Support Programmes, Befriending Service, a popular Caring Soles foot care service and numerous volunteering opportunities. The wider community use of our building by local groups and children’s activities creates a unique and lively atmosphere that mixes generations, abilities, and interests.
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Eric Liddell Centre

COVCARE Eric Liddell Centre- Coronavirus Resilience Campaign

Eric Liddell Centre- Coronavirus Resilience Campaign

ELC Coronavirus Response During these extremely difficult times, the Eric Liddell Centre is here to help but we cannot do this without your help. ... Read more

CARERS Carer and Befriending Services

Carer and Befriending Services

Help us to provide essential services to Carers across Edinburgh by supporting our popular Carer and Befriending services.... Read more

DEMENTIA Dementia Day Care

Dementia Day Care

Can You Help Us? Our Dementia Day Care Service Needs Your Support... Read more

SOLES Caring Soles Appeal

Caring Soles Appeal

Help us to provide essential foot care, to those who need it most across Edinburgh, by supporting our popular Caring Soles service.... Read more

ELC01 Eric Liddell Centre

Eric Liddell Centre

Take 30 seconds to help someone in your community feel less vulnerable and isolated.... Read more