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Ermysted's Grammar School Parents Association

Ermysted's Grammar School Parents Association

Yorkshire and the Humber

Ermysteds' Friends' Association Needs You!

Ermysted's has a very active Friends’ Association. We are an entirely voluntary organisation and a registered charity, formed to assist the school in fundraising and to provide additional support at school where needed. We are an organisation that aims to bring together the entire school community. We warmly welcome new members  - parents, carers, staff and wider friends - to join and help us with fundraising activities either by volunteering at one of the many social events we hold or by enjoying them as a guest. The money raised by the Friends pays for a wide variety of equipment and experiences, as requested by staff. Here are some examples that previous fundraising efforts, whether through volunteering or participating at events, has enabled the school to purchase:  Bouldering wall  Atlases for Geography  Donation towards 3D printer  Mixers (Sound desk) for music  Chess sets  Sixth form leavers’ folders  MFL theatre production  Library books

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Ermysted's Grammar School Parents Association

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