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Everton in the Community

Everton in the Community

North West

To utilise the power of sport to motivate, educate and inspire our local communities.

The purpose of our charity is to deliver a service that is rated as “best in class” by our participants, funders and community partners. A service that is recognised as highly successful in making a significant social contribution; changing lives and providing opportunities for all participants, particularly the most hard-to-reach and hard-to-help members of society. Everton in the Community must be ambitious, dynamic and agile if it is to become the charity of first choice for donors, sponsors and grant-awarding bodies. To be the most effective charity, both nationally and internationally, that uses sport as a tool to identify and support vulnerable people and help to change lives for the better.

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Everton in the Community

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EITC 35 Birthday

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SLEEPOUT Goodison Park Stadium Sleepout 2023

Goodison Park Stadium Sleepout 2023

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EITC Text to Donate - Single/Monthly Donations

Text to Donate - Single/Monthly Donations

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