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Food 4 Heroes

Food 4 Heroes

Yorkshire and the Humber

Food4Heroes brings together local caterers and restaurants to provide free healthy and nutritious meals daily to front line NHS hospital staff.

Brother and sister team, John Brownhill and Amanda Guest, had an inspired idea to help their local hospital by providing meals to the amazing NHS staff working there. They set up a non-for profit organisation, Food4Heroes, and in just over 4 weeks, it has expanded to fill an immediate need across the country. Food4Heroes brings together restaurants, pubs and caterers with transport firms to deliver free, healthy and nutritious meals direct to NHS staff in their hospitals. We particularly aim to deliver the meals into Covid-19 and ICU wards where the NHS staff cannot leave their posts during their shift. This not only supports exhausted NHS staff but also kick starts the restaurant / catering trade to fire up their kitchens and it also restarts the grocery supply chain. The number of hospitals being supported is growing across the country every day but currently stands at 24 and over 870 amazing volunteers have registered to help. We have already delivered our 50,000th meal but we desperately need funds to supply more NHS heroes. It costs only £2 to produce a top quality, healthy and nutritious meal and already, there is more demand than funds available to fulfil it.
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Food 4 Heroes

Fundraising Event Food4Heroes Epic Auction

Food4Heroes Epic Auction

Food4Heroes continues to deliver healthy and nutritious meals to overstretched front line NHS staff across England.

These meals cost a maxi...

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NHSMEALS Wish to donate to Food4Heroes?

Wish to donate to Food4Heroes?

We need your help to continue providing free healthy and nutritious meals to frontline NHS staff until the end of the Covid-19 pandemic. ... Read more