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Forum of Algerians In Britain LTD

Forum of Algerians In Britain LTD


FAB is working tirelessly to support the many Algerian youths in Britain who face enormous challenges

Sadly, Algerians are fraught with social and economic disadvantage. In fact, using measures of income, employment, health, education, crime, barriers to housing and services, plus assessments of the living environment, the neighbourhood in which most of Algerians live is ranked within the 20% most deprived wards in the country, For Algerians youth, that means anti-social behaviour, crime, truancy, poor educational attainment, unemployment, gang culture, reliance on benefits, drug and alcohol abuse, family breakdown and teenage pregnancy are just some of the problems they are likely to encounter. And, without the right support, many Algerian children in London are at risk of heading down the wrong path in life. Our aim is to support them by providing warm meals, organising cultural and sports events, help them find education and training courses as well accommodation when possible. We try to put them back in the right path with a solid foundation and consistent guidance

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Forum of Algerians In Britain LTD

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