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Fresh Start Eastbourne CIC

Fresh Start Eastbourne CIC

South East

Fresh Start Eastbourne is a new venture, launched by Your Eastbourne BID

We know that people give money to individuals begging on the streets because they want to be supportive , However it doesn’t help individuals get away from sleeping rough, or address the complicated range of issues they may be facing behind the scenes Fresh Start Eastbourne follows other successful “Positive Giving” models adopted around the country. Every time you donate to Fresh Start Eastbourne CIC, this money will go to the charities and organisations that provide frontline services for people facing homelessness and/or other issues that can lead to begging in Eastbourne. Your Eastbourne BID have also agreed to pay for the operations costs of the CIC for the initial year, meaning every penny raised will go directly towards those charities and groups. This will make lasting positive changes to their way of life by providing a wide range of long term support for their individual needs and targeting the real reasons they are begging in our town centre.

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Fresh Start Eastbourne CIC

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