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Fresh Start Scotland

Fresh Start Scotland


Fresh Start helps people who have been homeless get established in their new home and resettle successfully.

Fresh Start has been supporting people as they move on from homelessness into unfurnished tenancies across the city of Edinburgh for over 20 years. We focus not only on homelessness prevention, but the period following temporary accommodation or rough sleeping where tenancy is gained in order to tackle the cycle of repeat homelessness. We have various services, such as the 'Starter Packs' that provide essential household goods to people moving on from homelessness, 'Hit Squads' who paint and decorate tenancies to make them welcoming and homely, as well as community cooking, gardening and training initiatives that operate from our premises in Northwest Edinburgh, in an area facing multiple deprivation. Additionally, this location hosts our Community Hub featuring food Pantry and Kitchen. Typically, our service-users may survive on low incomes, have limited support networks, or lack the confidence to develop networks in their new community, which is why the services are vital.
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Fresh Start Scotland

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