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Friends of Southover Primary School

Friends of Southover Primary School

South East

Friends of Southover, the PTA of Southover C of E Primary School, Lewes.

Fundraising to give Southover Primary School financial support to enhance student learning and to enrich the lives of the pupils. Government cuts have seen primary schools’ budgets cut by an average of £45,000 a year. Schools have been forced to sacrifice resources. It is a sad time for staff who are having to make difficult compromises. As school budgets become tighter, the Friends of Southover Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is responding to more teachers’ requests for items to be used in lessons. We have provided financial help for books, laptops, cosy corners for classrooms, a reading week, outdoor reading/writing sheds, music stands for the orchestra, recorders, hi-vis jackets and playground equipment. The support we provide can help teaching to continue to be fun and interactive.

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Friends of Southover Primary School

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