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Friends of Thaxted Primary School

Friends of Thaxted Primary School


Friends of Thaxted School exclusively raises funds for our fabulous school to provide key equipment and lots of fun things to benefit the children.

Friends of Thaxted Primary School are proud to organise fun and engaging activities such as summer and Christmas fayres, bake sales, sponsored activities and even 'splat the teacher!' We exclusively fundraise for Thaxted Primary School which is a warm and welcoming school where children can develop a love of learning and flourish in a safe, healthy, happy and stimulating environment. Our teachers do an amazing job and we aim to raise money to aid them with their vital work. Previous years the funds that we have raised have paid for key equipment such as laptops, contributed to larger projects such as the revamp of the playground as well as fun and educational activities to help enhance the children’s primary school experience.
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Friends of Thaxted Primary School

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Thaxted Primary School

Thaxted School needs our support this year more than ever. We know it’s been a tough year but please donate generously to benefit our local children... Read more