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Friends of the Animals

Friends of the Animals

South West

At Friends of the Animals our aim is to alleviate the suffering of sick, injured, or simply unwanted animals.

Friends of the Animals was founded in the Midlands in 1990 with a mission to help reduce the number of unwanted dogs and cats in the area by launching an innovative spay and neuter program which offered financial assistance to those unable to afford the procedure. To date we have spayed/neutered in excess of 40,000 animals. We have three charity shops on the Isle of Wight and one in Portsmouth. In addition to our spay and neuter program we also assist with the cost of veterinary treatment, run a pet food bank, have a pet foster and adoption service and provide financial support and cover all veterinary costs for an animal sanctuary near Stratford on Avon. In most cases we really are an animals very last chance at life!

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Friends of the Animals

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