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Friends of Wallands School

Friends of Wallands School

South East

Friends of Wallands (FoW) run fun events to raise money for activities and projects that enrich the children's learning and experience at school.

Friends of Wallands (FoW) is a registered charity, run by a group of friendly parents, and supported by many wonderful Wallands volunteers and staff. Every parent and carer is automatically part of Friends of Wallands and everyone is welcome to get as involved as they would like. We put the fun into fundraising for Wallands Primary School and when you help out with, or come along and support a FoW event, you are supporting our school and all of our children. Our events raise money for new school equipment, e.g. for sports, creative activities, music, IT and more, helping to fund school improvements such as book corners, play equipment and nurture areas and making special trips and experiences available for all our year groups. Fundraising is a team effort and whether you bake a cake, donate your jumble or come along to any of the varied events we organise, every bit of help is so valuable to our school.
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Friends of Wallands School

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