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South East

Furtherfield is London's longest running (de)centre for art and technology

Since 1996 we have developed an international reputation for initiating experiments in artistic co-creation across digital and physical networks. We continue to invest time and energy in decentralised and distributed p2p practices, fostering new projects with artists, and seizing and challenging debates about the role of art and technology in society. We advocate always for open and playful engagement with people and their technologies, encapsulated in a process of ‘doing it with others’ (DIWO). We have maintained a distinct presence and interconnectedness across networked space whilst remaining grounded in a physical locality, by presenting work through our Gallery and Commons located in the middle of London’s 150-year-old Finsbury Park. Adventurous digital arts experiences radiate from these venues, transforming the urban park into a platform where people can explore how they want to live in our globally-connected world.

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FFLD001 Citizen Sci-Fi participatory arts for a future Finsbury Park

Citizen Sci-Fi participatory arts for a future Finsbury Park

We are turning Finsbury Park into a platform for participatory digital arts through Citizen Sci-Fi activities... Read more