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Future Living Hertford

Future Living Hertford

South East

Future Living supports families who have experienced the trauma of domestic abuse through therapeutic programmes and counselling

Future Living offers a range of innovative and free to access therapeutic interventions that support men, women and children/young people to recover from the trauma of domestic abuse. Established in 2013 and volunteer/client led, the charity has grown in knowledge, service provision and professional support for its work within Hertfordshire. Its core team are highly trained professionals in their individual fields and develop programmes that support clients back into a self directed and flourishing life. The charity’s strength lays in its ability to offer programmes specifically designed to meet client needs and support their ongoing recovery through individual counselling, group therapy (accredited) and a range of innovative projects that enhance client skills. Its professional partners add value to the service particularly that of UoH Family Law Clinic.

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Future Living Hertford

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