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Gables Dogs and Cats Home

Gables Dogs and Cats Home

South West

We are a non euthanasia rescue & rehoming centre that has been helping the region’s unwanted & abandoned dogs & cats since 1907.

We take in & care for up to 1000 dogs & cats every year & rehome or re-unite them with their owners if they’re lost. Most of our animals are unwanted pets, given up by their owners for numerous reasons. We take in stray & lost cats & unclaimed stray dogs from local councils. We help the RSPCA with neglected, abused or injured animals. We provide a temporary boarding service for local councils, taking care of dogs & cats for people in difficult situations. We never put a healthy animal to sleep & never give up hope of finding them a new loving home, no matter how long it takes or how much it costs! We totally rely on the generosity & support of the public through donations & legacies, as we don’t receive any Government funding.

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Gables Dogs and Cats Home

GABLEPAH Pets at Home

Pets at Home

Fundraising at Pets at Home... Read more

GABLESWT Winter Heating Appeal 2022/23

Winter Heating Appeal 2022/23

With the current energy crisis it has been estimated to cost a staggering £15,000 to keep all our kennels and cat pens warm and cosy this coming wint... Read more

GABLEPFP Puppy Farm Palaver

Puppy Farm Palaver

We have recently taken in 23 dogs & puppies from yet another horrendous puppy farm, where 90 dogs were found living in terrible conditions.... Read more

GABLEHK Heatwave Kittens

Heatwave Kittens

Four new born kittens were left for dead in a heatwave! Can you help us, to help them ?... Read more



Queenie has suffered with severe skin issues for several years. Now we can treat her skin & find her a new home where she will be comfortable & happy.... Read more

GABLESPF Pillsbury the Out of Puff Pug

Pillsbury the Out of Puff Pug

Pillsbury the Out of Puff Pug has VERY narrow nostrils that do not allow much air flow, he has soft palette issues, entropian and erythematous. Can y... Read more

GABLESCV Cloudy the cat is hoping for a clearer future

Cloudy the cat is hoping for a clearer future

Poor Cloudy the stray cat had not seen a vet for 5 years. As a result, he had a painful, damaged eye that had became swollen, infected and ulcerated.... Read more

GABLESLB Hockey aka Lovebug

Hockey aka Lovebug

Hockey needs urgent treatment for a severe heart murmur & arrhythmia and we are determined to help him.... Read more

GABLES1E Popeye In A Pickle

Popeye In A Pickle

Popeye had an accident which severely damaged his eye. It was beyond repair & had to be removed. It is estimated it will cost us £800 for his treatme... Read more

GABLESKB Kennel Build Appeal

Kennel Build Appeal

Kennel Build Appeal... Read more

GABLESCA Gables Coronavirus Crisis Appeal

Gables Coronavirus Crisis Appeal

It is estimated that Gables is set to lose more than £50,000 of essential funds due to the Coronavirus. ... Read more

GABLES Gables Dogs and Cats Home

Gables Dogs and Cats Home

We receive no Government funding and rely solely on the generosity of our fantastic supporters. ... Read more